Drunk Driver Pleads Guilty to Charges of Four Counts of Dangerous Driving Causing Death and Dangerous Driving Causing Bodily Harm

Julia Parrish, CTV Edmonton
Published Tuesday, Feb. 26, 2013 11:51AM MST 
Last Updated Tuesday, Feb. 26,  2013 12:59PM MST             

The man, facing a number of charges stemming from a fatal crash that rocked  Grande Prairie in October, 2011, pleaded guilty to five charges laid against him Tuesday.

On Tuesday, Brandon Holubowich, 23, pleaded guilty to four counts of dangerous driving causing death and dangerous driving causing bodily harm.

The charges were laid following a fatal crash on Highway 668, near Highway 40 in the early hours of October 22, 2011.

Four teenaged boys were killed in the crash – 16-year-olds Matthew Deller and Vincent Stover, along with 15-year-olds Walter Borden-Wilkins and Tanner Hildebrand.

A fifth teen, Zach Judd, was seriously injured in the collision, but has since recovered.

In court Tuesday, the defence and Crown Prosecutor submitted a joint recommendation for Holubowich’s sentence.

It was recommended Holubowich serve three years in jail, with a three-year driving prohibition.

According to the agreed statement of facts, Holubowich had been drinking with friends before the collision – but the Crown and defence asked the judge to take into account that speed played a major role in the crash.

Court documents state Holubowich had been driving at 151 kilometres an hour  when the collision happened – the car carrying the teenagers had been making a U-turn when it was hit.

Later Tuesday, court will hear victim impact statements.



A comment on Facebook:

“He is NOT being convicted of drinking and driving causing death…..He has plead guilty to dangerous driving causing death…..the same charge that could be laid if you are texting and kill someone……Our judicial system is designed such that you are innocent until proven guilty.  Well boys and girls he is NOT guilty of drinking and driving or impaired causing death”

…led me to respond with the following: 

“Pleading guilty to avoid a conviction of a more serious crime doesn’t make his crime any less wrong.  By the way, the court NEVER finds anyone to be INNOCENT of a crime, even after “proof” has been provided.  The term is “NOT GUILTY.”  Even if you were acquitted, you were found to be “not guilty” because the evidence didn’t prove your guilt.  Acquittal does not equal innocence, and pleading guilty is admitting gullt.  Stop feeling sorry for him.  Instead, feel sorry for the families and friends of the four young men who died because of someone else’s stupidity.”




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