During a visit with my grandmother…

written on Saturday, December 22, 2012 at 3:34pm

My grandmother lives in a care facility about 40 minutes from our house.  At the time of writing, she was 93, wheelchair-bound, and quickly approaching the advanced stages of dementia, but she still knows me and she knows Tammy as well, so going to visit her still does both of us some good.

When I got there, lunch was being served; I found a chair at the side of the room in which the home’s residents have their meals and waited while Grandma had her lunch.  I could hear a children’s choir singing Christmas Carols being played over the sound system; the room was decorated, and lunch was being enjoyed by the men and women who live there.  There were two women serving the food, another taking care of everyone’s medications, and two young ladies going from table to table making sure everyone was okay; a maintenance guy was making the rounds as well.  There wasn’t much talking; most of the residents aren’t able to carry on much of a conversation.  Grandma finished what she could; she eats like a bird.

I got there at about noon, and left about an hour and a half later.  During that entire time, I was the only visitor.  I asked the nurses about that, and they said that most of the residents hardly get any visitors at all.

After a nice talk with my grandma, I left the facility feeling somewhat depressed.  So many people there, some with little or no idea of who they are, and sitting day after day with nobody coming to see them.

I hope that when I get to that age, I don’t have to be alone like so many of those nice seniors were.  Do yourself and your families a big favour and give a great gift:  visit a care centre.  Remember that these people are grandmas and grandpas; take the time to go see them.  Talk with them and learn from them, and make sure they don’t feel abandoned like I’m sure you wouldn’t want to be.  It’ll do your heart good.


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